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Program Benefits


Online learning that fits your busy schedule.


Learn and apply new business skills in just 6 weeks.


Cutting-edge business education that doesn’t break the bank.


The Perfect Online MBA Starter Kit

Develop leadership skills that will position you for success with one of Japan’s best business schools.


Whether you want a competitive edge in your career or as a future MBA candidate, nano-MBA offers flexible online management training that fits with your schedule.


At GLOBIS, we design our innovative business courses with the needs of busy professionals like you in mind. Our unique mix of live online classes, video lectures, case studies, and live group work enables powerful career development on your terms.


Start your academic journey with nano-MBA and earn credits towards your future MBA. Each nano-MBA course is worth 0.5 academic credits, transferable to GLOBIS University’s Full Time MBA, Part Time MBA, and Online MBA programs.


Apply today and join business professionals from all over the world for a learning experience like no other.

Course fee

350 USD


6 Weeks

Credits per course

0.5 GLOBIS MBA credits


Awarded upon completion

Enrollment period


Class style


Online Learning with GLOBIS nano-MBA

Course Components

How To Study

Live Classes

Gain practical business knowledge and in-depth industry insights from GLOBIS faculty.

Two 90-Minute Classes

Join your tutor on Zoom in weeks 01 and 06 to learn about theory and concepts relating to your course.

Real-Time Insights

Classes happen in real time, giving you the opportunity to interact and ask questions of GLOBIS faculty.

Interactive Discussion

Connect with fellow students in breakout groups to deepen your understanding.

How To Study

Video Lectures: Basic theory & concepts

Learn basic theories and concepts that build your foundational knowledge.

Access to GLOBIS Unlimited

Improve your baseline knowledge of fundamental theories and concepts through bite-sized videos on GLOBIS Unlimited.

Focused Learning

Review key learning points to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts.

How To Study

Video Lectures: Real world applications

Learn how to apply the theories and concepts you’ve learned through real-world scenarios and case studies.

Level Up Your Knowledge

Accelerate your professional development with tips on how to apply key concepts to your work and daily life.

Expert Perspectives

Benefit from your tutor’s business experience and industry expertise as you learn.

How To Study

Comprehension Exercises & Capstone Case Study

Consolidate what you have learned through comprehension exercises and a Capstone case study.

Put Learning into Practice

Apply your learning and hone your practical skills by tackling exercises that simulate difficult workplace scenarios.

Immediate Feedback

Get immediate feedback on your answers with the help of GLOBIS’ innovative AI. In case you aren't satisfied with your answer, you can resubmit it.

Test Your Understanding

Tackle a comprehensive case study in Week 05 to test your knowledge and skill development. Receive individual feedback from your tutor to understand your progress.

How To Study

Review & Share

Connect with your fellow students and reflect on your learning in our supportive discussion forums.

Learning Reflection

Improve your knowledge retention and understanding of how to apply your learning to your work by reflecting on each week’s insights.

Different Points of View

Enrich your learning and gain different perspectives by participating in the student community.

Community Support

Post your main takeaways and start a discussion with your classmates to further your understanding of the topic and accelerate your learning.

How To Study

Live Group Work

Broaden your perspective and learn from diverse points of view in discussion with your classmates in co-working sessions.

Share insights

Join a live Zoom group session at a time that is convenient for you. Get to know your classmates, share your ‘a-ha!’ moments, and impressions of the course.

Get a broader perspective

Exchange your thoughts and opinions to not only deepen your understanding but also to learn how other people are applying their learning in daily life.

Build a Global Network

Meet people from different personal and professional backgrounds, and from all over the world.

Courses - Now Enrolling

Strategic Thinking

Learn to understand and execute complex strategies through our comprehensive online course. Acquire essential skills to advance your career and lead with confidence.


Sven Van Stichel

Academic Bio

Courses - Now Enrolling

Data Analysis

Build foundational skills in business analytics and improve your strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.


Jake Pratley

Academic Bio

Courses - Now Enrolling

Leadership & Career Vision

Discover your leadership potential and create a clear career vision through our comprehensive online course. Acquire essential skills to advance your career and lead with confidence.


Adam Gordon

Academic Bio

Program Features

GLOBIS Quality


In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the nano-MBA learning experience, you are entitled to request a full refund of your tuition.

The GLOBIS Quality Guarantee can only be used once per student.

No enrollment fee

Enrollment to the nano-MBA program is free. If you’re interested in progressing to the GLOBIS Pre-MBA, students who have completed a nano-MBA course enjoy an exemption from the 210 USD enrollment fee.

MBA Credits + Deductible Tuition

Earn 0.5 academic credits towards the GLOBIS MBA on completion of each nano-MBA course. In addition, our MBA program will deduct the full nano-MBA course fee from your tuition on enrollment.

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