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Leadership & Career Vision


5/13 (Mon) - 6/23 (Sun)

Course fee

350 USD

Combine live online classes with self-paced learning for powerful leadership skills development.


Suitable for candidates looking for leadership training, management training, or who want to develop their team leader skills.

How This Course Can Help You Block


Develop a clear vision of the leader you want to become

In this course, you will focus on figuring out your leadership style, the type of leader you want to become, and the steps to take to develop your career with intention.


Learn leadership theories and management concepts, for real-world situations

Learn how traditional leadership theories and management concepts have evolved for the modern age. You will then learn how to apply them to every-day work scenarios, with real-life examples and case studies drawn from the GLOBIS faculty’s wide-ranging experience.


Apply your leadership skills to your work

Each week, you will reflect on how your learning applies to your work. Weekly reflection and review exercises will help you bridge the gap and put your knowledge into practice.

Course Objectives


How to adapt your leadership style according to the situation


How to effectively delegate work to your team members


How to get team buy-in when setting goals and KPIs


How to nurture team members through reflection and PDCA


Discover your values and work ethics


Realize the type of leader you aim to be and the necessary skills to aid you along the way

Study Cycle

In this course, you will go through a study cycle each week to learn the basic concepts and put them into practice.




Learn from Faculty




Output Practice

Course Flow

Meet the Faculty

Faculty: Adam Gordon


Oxford University Executive Leadership Programme​
Masters in Business Administration (MBA with Academic Achievement Award)​
Business Studies and Sports Studies (Joint Hons, BSc)


Adam Gordon has worked in the education sector in Asia and the UK for over 20 years and has been engaged in content management, business development, strategy planning, L&D, operations, and marketing during this time. He has facilitated sessions in Leadership with a strong focus on globalization and a keen interest in Japanese management.

At GLOBIS, Adam is the Director of Business Development for GLOBIS Unlimited. He manages both global B2C and B2B sales and marketing. He also coaches corporate clients in leadership development. His specializations include leadership development and theory, L&D, team development, globalization, and cross-cultural management.

Course Schedule

Total Course Duration: 6 weeks

5/13 (Mon) - 6/23 (Sun)

*All materials except the capstone case will be available until 7/7 (Sun)

Live Class:
Week 01 & Week 06

5/18 (Sat) + 6/22 (Sat)

*Class Time: 12:00 -13:30 Japan Standard Time

Live Group Work:
On any of the following days


*Some days will have multiple time slots

Capstone Case: Starting Week 05

6/10 (Mon) - 6/30 (Sun)

*Submission deadline is until 6/30 (Sun)

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