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Strategic Thinking


10/30 (Mon) - 12/10 (Sun)

Course fee

350 USD

Combine live online classes with self-paced learning for professional critical thinking development.

Suitable for candidates looking for business strategy training, management training, or who want to develop their decision-making or problem-solving skills.

How This Course Can Help You Block


Learn how to understand and execute complex strategies

Using real-world examples and case studies, this course will provide different perspectives necessary to develop effective strategies that are beyond the typical focus on pitfalls in competitive differentiation.


Develop your ability to explore abstract and intangible concepts

Learn the importance of considering multiple perspectives, recognizing and overcoming bias, and taking a holistic approach in decision making.


Apply strategic thinking and reinvent your career

Understand strategic thinking theories and learn how to apply them to formulate and develop clear plans for professional development.

Course Objectives

Objective 1:

Gain higher perspectives by broadening your viewpoint

Objective 2:

Learn how to integrate data and human network to optimize businesses

Objective 3:

Establish your individuality by providing unique and innovative perspectives

Objective 4:

Learn to decide what to discard in order to win

Objective 5:

Understand the essence of management through its mechanisms

Objective 6:

Gain a versatile set of skills based on strategic thinking

Study Cycle

In this course, you will go through a study cycle each week to learn the basic concepts and put them into practice.




Learn from Faculty




Output Practice

Course Flow

Week 06/06

Envision and create a strategic roadmap for your future goals

Week 06/06

Envision and create a strategic roadmap for your future goals


Meet the Faculty

Karl O'Callaghan


MBA, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, Japan

BA Combined Honours (French & Russian), University of Bradford, UK


Karl was born in the UK and spent time teaching France and Russia before moving to Japan over twenty years ago. He joined the Oxford University Press in Tokyo in 2004 as a consultative salesman, eventually taking on a wider role as Head of Marketing and Operations for UK Trade and Investment.

In 2016, he started a market entry and strategy consultancy. He has helped companies in sectors as diverse as education, pharmaceuticals, cybersecurity, tourism, and food and beverages.

Being a graduate of GLOBIS University, Karl understands how difficult it is to juggle work, family, friends, and study. But he also knows first-hand how rewarding it is to learn new things and try them in the real world of business.

Course Schedule

Total Course Duration: 6 weeks

10/30 (Mon) - 12/10 (Sun)

*All materials except the capstone case will be available until 12/24 (Sun)

Live Class:
Week 01 & Week 06

11/4 (Sat) + 12/9 (Sat)

*Class Time: 12:00 -13:30 Japan Standard Time

Live Group Work:
On any of the following days


*Some days will have multiple time slots

Capstone Case: Week 05 - Week 06

11/27 (Mon) - 12/10 (Sun)

*Submission deadline is until 12/17 (Sun)

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