Live Class, Video, Writing, Group Work

Live Class, Video,

Writing, Group Work

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The Perfect MBA Starter Kit

Start your MBA journey with the nano-MBA. Learn and apply new business skills in just 6 weeks.


nano-MBA offers a mix of live online classes, video lectures, case studies and live group work. Students receive 0.5 academic credits towards the GLOBIS MBA upon completion of each nano-MBA course.

Connect with other business professionals from all over the world for a learning experience like no other.

Course fee

350 USD


6 Weeks


Available (up to 50%)
*For individual sponsors only

Credits per course

0.5 GLOBIS MBA credits


Awarded upon completion

Enrollment period


Class style


Course Components

Live Classes

Video Lectures: Basic Theory & Concepts

Video Lectures: Real World Applications

Comprehension Exercises & Capstone Case Study

Review & Share

Live Group Work

How To Study

Live Classes

Learn practical applications from expert GLOBIS faculty who will share industry experiences in class

Live online 90-min classes in Weeks 01 and 06 (using Zoom)

Opportunity to learn about and interact with the faculty in charge of the course

GLOBIS faculty will conduct the online classes in real time

Learn about theory and concepts from expert GLOBIS faculty

Students will be assigned to smaller groups for more interactive discussions

Deepen your understanding through smaller group discussions

How To Study

Video Lectures: Basic theory & concepts

Learn basic theory and concepts to bolster your fundamentals

Learn related theory and concepts through GLOBIS Unlimited videos

Learn fundamental theory and concepts through bite-sized videos on GLOBIS Unlimited

Each video covers unique learning

Check the learning points beforehand to deepen your understanding of the concepts

How To Study

Video Lectures: Real world applications

Learn how to apply the theory and concept through real world examples

Learn about real world scenarios to take your knowledge to the next level

Get tips on how to apply the concepts to your work and daily life

Faculty draw on their real-life experiences and provide concrete examples

Deepen your understanding by placing yourself in the faculty’s shoes

How To Study

Comprehension Exercises & Capstone Case Study

Experience real world situations through comprehension exercises with immediate AI feedback as well as a capstone case study near the end of the term

Experience familiar workplace

Brush up your practical skills by tackling exercises that simulate difficult workplace situations

Receive AI feedback on your comprehension exercises

Get immediate feedback on your answers with the help of GLOBIS AI. If you’re not satisfied with your answer, you can choose to re-submit it.

Test your overall level by tackling a comprehensive case study in Week 05

Test your knowledge and the development of your skills by doing a capstone case in week 5. You will receive customized individual feedback from the faculty.

How To Study

Review & Share

Start an offline conversation with your classmates by posting your takeaways and commenting on your classmates’ reviews to deepen your understanding of the topic

Learn from your own reflections every week

Reflect on your week’s learning and post a review on your personal takeaways helping you to apply them to your work

Deepen your understanding by reading your classmate’s posts

Go through your classmates’ posts to gain different perspectives and enrich your learning

Have rich discussions by reacting or commenting on your classmates’ posts

Start a conversation with your classmates by commenting on their reviews to have a deeper understanding of the subject matter

How To Study

Live Group Work

Broaden your perspectives through live interactive discussions with your classmates

Share reflections with your classmates online

Select a date to join a live group work session on Zoom. Use this opportunity to get to know your classmates and share your takeaways and impressions about the course.

Exchange thoughts and opinions to deepen your learning and understanding

Exchange viewpoints to not only deepen your understanding of the topic but also to learn about the various applications in your daily life

Build a network of professionals from all over the world

Build a wide network of business professionals from various personal and professional backgrounds


Leadership & Career Vision

Learn the basic concepts of leadership and how to manage an organization and its members. Motivate your team to think about their own careers as leaders.


Adam Gordon

Academic Bio

Program Features



If, after completing a nano-MBA course, you feel the learning experience did not live up to your expectations, you can request to have your tuition refunded in full.

Note the GLOBIS Quality Guarantee may only be once per person.

No enrollment fee + GLOBIS Pre-MBA Enrollment Fee Exemption

There is no enrollment fee for the nano-MBA program. Moreover, if you enroll in the GLOBIS pre-MBA program after completing a nano-MBA course, you will receive an exemption on the enrollment fee of 210 USD.

MBA Credits + Deductible Tuition

You can earn 0.5 academic credits towards the GLOBIS MBA upon completion of each nano-MBA course. In addition, the full nano-MBA course fee will be deducted from the MBA tuition upon enrollment to the MBA.

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